Residential School for SC/ST Children

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India has sanctioned Residential School having standards from 1 to V exclusively for SC and ST children in the Varusanadu hills area during the year 1995.  We have completed 15 Academic years.  Every year a total of 100 children are provided with free boarding and lodging.

The students have been selected from the families living below the poverty line and they are either orphans or fatherless or motherless.  Tamil Nadu State Government has given the recognition to run as an Elementary School.

Books, Notebooks, Educational materials, Mats, Blankets and Uniforms are provided to them regularly.  The New Reading session and Mathematics Table Session are conducted daily to improve the standard and general knowledge of the students.  Apart from subjects, sports, a fine art, drawing are also taught compulsorily, Nutrient rich food is provided to them.

Parents and relatives are allowed to see their kids every fortnightly. Hair cut, nail cutting and washing are being done regularly. Republic Day, Independence Day, Teachers Day, and children’s day are celebrated grandly.  Teachers are working very hard to upgrade the students.


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