DYNAMIC NETWORK is a network of Registered Voluntary Organisations in Tamilnadu which are operated on their independent operational ideology and functional methodology and federated under the umbrella of the Network with the common objectives of generating a people's movement as a fundamental prerequisite for the social change and structural transformation process.

People's movement has reshaped thought and actions on environment, human rights, women, peace and population. Though these all are wars  'yet to be' won, the progress has been rapid and pervasive. These experiences demonstrate the power of people's movements in driving social change. Social movements have special quality.  They are not driven by budget or organizational structure, but rather by ideas, by a vision of better world. They move on social energy more than money. Participants in successful movements collaborate constantly by shifting networks and conditions. They may quarrel over ideological issues and tactics. The power of people's movements has largely been ignored in the field of development. Attention has been focused on money rather than social energy as the engine of development. Dynamic network aims to improve the NGOs capacity to strengthen or reshape their values and strategies. Few islands of success could be established among the NGOs which could serve as model for replication and strengthen the people's movements.

The major issues of this Network are Gender issues, Dalit Development, Health, Disabled Rehabilitation, Disaster Management, Innovative Educational Development, Women Development, Agriculture and Rural Development.  The Dynamic Network has started to function as a guide to its Members by organising Regional Meetings for Training their new Members in the area of NGO Management, Project Preparation and Implementation, self-sustainability, etc.


Dynamic Network promotes a philosophy that advocates people's empowerment and right to define and control their own development, in order to live well and control the factors which affect their lives with the balance between socio - economic development of human potential leading to social justice and equity.


  • To share field experiences among development experts, NGOs, Policy makers and academicians working in development area.

  • To encourage the adoption of Participatory people centred approaches in any development interventions

  • To develop understanding of concepts and capacity building in various participatory developments, Goal oriented project planning (GOPP), Result Based Management (RBM), etc.

  • To exchange information about, Participatory development initiatives ex. Workshops, conferences, publications, capacity building in various participatory methodologies.

  • To connect the Dynamic Network with Participatory Development Practitioners, International Networks, NGOs, Academic Institutions, etc.

  • Building interest in Participatory development among NGOs, people's movements and with younger development practitioners.
  • Being openers to include new Members
  • Promoting transparency, sharing of ideas and experiences
  • Demonstrating commitment to the process of social and personal change
  • Encouraging individual and collective ownership of activities
  • Advocating the genuine participation of people in their own development


  • Skill Development training  to Member NGOs
  • Information Dissemination and mutual support among the Member NGOs
  • Resource Mobilization for need based projects
  • Restructuring the project identification and implementation strategies


  • Environment
  • Human Resource Development
  • Health
  • Microfinance
  • Research work
  • Disability
  • Fundamental human rights of children, women and dalits
  • Gender equity
  • Strengthening the unorganised sector
  • Disaster Management

Dynamic Network Chairman and Convenor Details



Ph: 09443047245


Ph: 9585142666


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