CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT AND COMMUNICATION TRUST (CENDECT) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882 on 26.7.1983 with Registration No 53/83. It is a developmental, scientific, research and educational organization managed by 10 Board of Trustees.

CENDECT has been implementing many integrated Rural Development Projects in the most backward and needy areas in Tamil Nadu State since its inception especially in Theni and Madurai Districts to serve the villagers, Rural poor, Marginal and Small farmers, Women, Children, Disabled, Tribals and the Aged persons. 

It mainly concentrates on Community Agriculture, Community Health, Action Research, income Generation for Women, Mother and Child Care, Education, Sustainable farming, etc.

CENDECT is a totally committed development agency as it is catalyzing and channeling Government, Semi-government, Bank and Foreign Resources to the weaker sections of the society directly

CENDECT is monitored by the President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Seven Board members. Board members do not get any remuneration from the Trust.

The prime objective of the Trust is to undertake, promote and assist in the social economic and intellectual development of weaker sections of the society, to strive for the standard of living, mankind, social justice and to offer support and co-operation for the schemes of people’s development, social reconstruction and relief attempted by other individuals, institutions and organization.

The mission of the Organization is based on the key principle of acknowledging the growth and capacities of the people with time and accordingly reformulating the role of the Organization as found relevant and necessary. Dr.P. PATCHAIMAL is the Founder Director and the Head of the NGO. He does not get Benefit any salary from the trust. His post is Honorary.

There was no international travel by Board members, volunteers and staff during this year 2010-2011.  Total cost of national travel by Chairman, Programme Coordinator, Subject matter specialist and other personnel are Rs.1,85,000 during this year 2010-2011.

There are about 60 personnel working the salary level below 5,000/- (Male-48, Female-12), 2 working in the salary level of Rs.5,000-10,000 (Male-2), 3 working in the salary level Rs.10,000-15,000 (Male-2, Female-1), 2 working in the salary level Rs.15,000-20,000 (Male-1, Female-1), 4 working in the salary level Rs.20,000-25,000 (Male-3, Female-1) and 1 working in the salary level above 25,000/-

Objectives of the Trust

  • To attempt and organize all round development of rural life.
  • To promote appropriate communication systems, programmes and activities connected with development.
  • To undertake need-based scientific studies and result oriented action-projects in the area of rural social development.
  • To undertake and assist in socio-economic development programmes and projects for improving the quality of life of rural poor and under-privileged irrespective of caste, creed or colour, religion by itself or in collaboration with similar agencies.
  • To initiate action to conscientize the poor so that they will be able to play an efficient and effective role in deciding about their future and to bring about accelerated development.
  • To initiate, administer and assist, programme for providing better nutrition for children, expectant mothers, and old age people among the poor in the backward parts of rural areas.
  • To promote adoption of new innovations in agriculture, health, family planning, sanitation etc. among rural poor and farmers.
  • To assist in the resettlement and rehabilitation poor in the tribal areas.
  • To organize discussion groups for the study and understanding of social, economic, political, educational, philosophical and international problems in an academic and non-partisan spirit, and to publish the results of such discussion in the form of books pamphlets or journals.
  • To serve generally as a centre for the collection, diffusion and exchange of information on the significant ideas and developments relating to development and communication in national and international development.
  • To organize relief in times of emergency and occasions of general social distress such as floods, famines, epidemics, cyclone, fire and other disasters which hinders development.
  • To promote and transfer appropriate technology for establishing rural industries for generating additional rural employment and supplementary income.
  • To organize seminars, symposia, conference, conventions and other such meetings and activities related to communication and development.
  • To organize and train groups of people for voluntary service in order to promote social welfare.
  • To establish youth groups for the proper development of young people and for drawing them into social service and public work.
  • To offer fellowships, scholarships and prizes in furtherance of the objects of the Trust.
  • To carry out evaluation studies of the experience of the existing instructions and organizations and make such studies available to those who may be interested in promoting the welfare of the rural poor.
  • To organize people in co-operative and other joint ventures for promoting self-reliance among community members.
  • To implement Disabled Welfare projects to bring them into mainstream of the life by organizing community based rehabilitation work, establishing Mentally Retarded School, physiotherapy treatment, vocational training, organizing self help groups etc.
  • To create awareness on consumer rights and organize programmes for consumer activities.
  • To give education to the poor SC/ST children through Residential School.
  • To take child care wish pre school education through the crèche programme.
  • To focus on misunderstanding problems, suspicion, unemployment, depression, love affair, extra marital affair, pre marital problem, dowry problem of women through Family Counselling Centre.
  • To create awareness, early identification, treatment and rehabilitation of addicts through De-addiction Centre.
  • To assist the resettlement and rehabilitation of the differently abled person.
  • To focus on changing life style of the affected children.
  • To taking up Tribals Welfare projects, Tribal value added products, Bio-Diversity conservation projects and strengthen the livelihood activities of tribal families.
  • To provide Ambulance facilities to the poor and villages.
  • To work on the issues related to HIV, Female infanticide, organic farming, rain water harvesting, watershed, fodder development, indegenious varities promotion, indegenious technology knowledge, Self Help Groups.

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