This project is implemented with the financial support of CAPART, New Delhi for 2 years from March 2009 to February 2011.

Location of the Project:

Villages: 30 Panchayats in Chinnamanur & Uthamapalayam Blocks, Theni District, Tamilnadu

Aim of the project:

To bring the physically and mentally challenged people into mainstream of the life and ensuring their participation in nation building.

Objectives of the Project:

  • To socially mobilize persons with disabilities for community based rehabilitation and sustainable development & empowerment.
  • To form Self-Help Group of the persons with disabilities  
  • To organise job oriented / income generating vocational training Programme for the persons with disabilities keeping in view of their capabilities and interest.
  • To establish production units by the persons with disabilities for production of different products.
  • To manage marketing tie-ups for the products produced by the SHGs of persons with disabilities
  • To make the persons with disabilities self sufficient in earning for the livelihood to live their life with improved measures.
  • To create awareness amongst the communities, panchayat members, leaders and families of the persons with disabilities.
  • To improve the integration of PWDs in the society & their access to the services

Project Achievements:

Awareness Generation Camps for Persons with Disabilities:

We have organized 2 Awareness generation camps with the participation of nearly 80 persons including persons with disabilities, their parents, panchayat leaders and members. These awareness camps were organized at CENDECT KVK Seminar Hall, Kamatchipuram and Kanniservaipatti.

Formation and Maintenance of SHG:

During this period, 10 Disabled SHGs have been formed and we have a total of 40 CENDECT Nambikkai SHGs with a membership of 480 in 30 village panchayats and hamlets of Chinnamanur and Uthamapalayam.

Training on formation and maintenance of SHGs of PWDs:

We have organized a referher SHG Training Programme for 85 differently abled SHGs members, Animators and Representatives. They have been trained on SHG maintenance, accounting, Bank transaction methods, conducting SHG meetings and maintaining sustainability of SHG activities.

Physiotherapist and Special Visit:

Through the Physiotherapy activity, our Physioptherapist made around 240 special visit in 30 panchayats and around 130 PWDs have been consulted and got treatment and benefit.

We have organized 40 special physiotherapy camps and around 125 PWDs are getting periodical treatment and counseling. The Physiotherapy apparatus are being continuously utilized by the needy disabled persons upon physiotherapist supervision.

Vocational Training:

During this period, we have inaugurated 3 vocational training centres viz., Readymade Garments making, Instant Sambirani making and Mosquito Coil making at Anaimalaiyanpatti, Erasai and Pulikuthi.

The products are being produced by potential disabled trainees and marketed through Disabled SHGs to various places.

Purchase of Tools and Equipments, Raw Materials:

We have purchased all the needed tools and equipments viz., Sewing Machine, Embroidery Machine, Sewing Weedles, Threads, Clothes, Sambirani Die, Dust, Zigith Powder, Charcol Powder, Special Kunkiliam, Sampirani grains, Essence, Mosquito Coil Die, Coconut Shell Powder, Citronella Oil, Palmarosa oil, packing covers etc., for the production of Readymade garments, Instant Sampirani and Mosquito Coil.

Production of Marketing:

We have produced around 25000 candles in the variety of Rs. 1, Rs. 2, Rs. 5 and Rs. 10.and 30000 Chalk Pieces, 150000 Agarpathis and 5000 Instant Sampirani and around 50 Readymade garments and 100 Packs of Mosquto Coils in 5 Vocational Training Centres. Attractive Packaging has been done for successful marketing.

All these products are being marked in Regular interval through our marketing men and through disabled SHG persons.

A total of 220 beneficiaries have been trained and got capacity of running the production units independently with the guidance of CENDECT and around 40 beneficiaries are continuously employed in the production units. The vocational trainings have helped the disabled people to learn skills for improving their income for empowerment to lead a successful life.



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