KVK Activities



CENDECT KVK is a District level Agricultural Training, Extension and Research Centre sponsored by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Government of India. It was started in March 1994 for benefit of farmers in Theni District.

It aims at transferring the farm worthy technologies to the farmers, farm women, rural youth and the extension workers through trainings and demonstrations. Dr.P.MARIMUTHU is the Programme Co-ordinator of CENDECT KVK.

Mandate of the KVK:
1. Conducting "on-farm testing" for identifying technologies in terms of location specific sustainable land use systems.
2. Organize training to update the extension personnel with emerging advances in agricultural research on regular basis
3. Organize short and long-term vocational training courses in agriculture and allied vocations for the farmers and rural youths with emphasis on "learning by doing" for higher production on farms and generating self employment.
4. Organize frontline demonstrations on various crops to generate production data and feedback information.

Specific objectives:

  • To promptly demonstrate the latest agricultural technologies to the farmers as well as extension workers of State Departments of Agriculture/Horticulture/Fisheries/Animal Science/Non-Government Organizations with a view to reduce the time lag between the technology generation and its adoption.
  • To test and verify the technologies in the socio-economic conditions of the farmers with a view to study the production constraints and to modify the technologies to make them appropriate.
  • To impart training to the practicing farmers/farm women, rural women, rural youth and field level Extension functionaries by following the method of ”teaching by doing” and “learning by doing”.
  • To back-up with training and communication support to the district level development departments, viz, Agriculture / Horticulture / Fisheries / Animal Science and Non Government Organization in their extension programmes.

The main objective of the Kendra is to impart the latest technical knowledge to the farmers through work experience, employing the principles of "Teaching by Doing" and "Learning by Doing". The main activities and achievements of CENDECT KVK during the year 2007-2008 is furnishing below:

Details of operational area and villages:

During this year, KVK programmes were organized in all the 8 blocks of Theni District viz., Cumbum, Uthamapalayam, Chinnamanur, Bodinayakkanur, Theni, Periyakulam, Myladumparai and Aundipatti among 34 cluster villages. The porgrammes were organized for the 26 major crops identified in these villages viz., Grapes, Banana, Coconut, Sugarcane, Cashew, Betelvine, Brinjal, Annual Moringa, Onion, Mango, Lime, Jasmine, Paddy, Maize, Sorghum, Cumbu, Redgram, Greengram, Blackgram, Fodder Cowpea, Fodder Cumbu Napier CO 4, Groundnut, Sunflower, Castor and Cotton.Three programmes related to veterinary and Animal Sciences viz., popularization of Broad Breasted White and Bronze breed of  Turkey, Assessment of suitable Goat breed for higher productivity and Effect of EM  in uptake efficiency, cost production quality and milk production in milch cow were also organized.


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